Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance Consulting Services

The traditional worldview of asset management is changing. Some of the more recent developments set to impact the profession include a global shortage of engineering skills, increased complexity of equipment leading to more downtime, and reductions in the cost of sensors which are applied to equipment. With the raft of data now available from your operations, it is imperative that organisations adopt asset management and maintenance planning strategies to manage and analyse their data in order to remain relevant and profitable.

Has your organisation begun to address these challenges?

Here at SML we believe that in order to meet these challenges, we need to simplify maintenance processes and reduce the level of skill required to perform maintenance activities. By automating the data gathered from sensors and maintenance activities, we can develop algorithms to utilise the readings to initiate maintenance triggers.

SML works with clients to help them identify areas where improvements can be made and to assist in implementing and delivering these improvements. Success for our customers is a success of our service and we believe in delivering sustainable improvements and long-term success.

SML have worked with a variety of industries including transportation, manufacturing, energy, fmcg and travel. Contact us to find out how we can help you address your challenges.

Our team is made up of experienced individuals who have implemented and managed maintenance and operational teams through transitions, whether this be as a result of improvements in current asset management processes or new processes being designed or brought on line.

We have experience in the following; Asset management, maintenance strategy development, maintenance auditing, CMMS implementation, handover management, facilitation and provision of reliability analysis, spare inventory optimisation and asset management software implementation and management.


Maintenance Cost


Spares Inventory


Technician Utilisation

We are a major maintenance contractor and SML played a very important role in building the relationship with our customer so they had the confidence to award us the contract. The awarded scope was even more than initially hoped for. The experience of SML contributed to convincing our customer in the sales stage and helped us in the preparation phase with setting up the project after the contract was awarded. Both we and our customer were very satisfied with the very thorough work. Yes, I would recommend SML.

Major Hub International Airport,

While developing the build processes for the A350 class of aircraft we needed to improve the manufacturing maintenance spares holding across Airbus sites in Europe. SML helped us to analyse the current processes and identify a roadmap to implement the required improvements.


With the expansion and refurbishment program carried out at Gatwick airport, SML managed the handover for the baggage system upgrades and a pier upgrade.

Gatwick Airport,

SML helped us clean up our baggage asset hierarchy and naming convention in Maximo, as well as to provide an asset performance analysis service on all baggage assets.

Heathrow Airport,