Simplify the delivery of maintenance and reliability functions within maintenance organisations by using our optimisation toolkit – RPSoptimiser (Reliability, Performance and Strategy Optimiser). This toolkit was designed by Reliability Engineers and Maintenance Planners for Reliability and Maintenance professionals to develop a sustainable maintenance program.

Our system helps you to align the operational and maintenance requirements eliminating duplication and focusing the maintenance efforts where they are needed most.

Most complex systems or automated process are controlled by a SCADA or HMI. Errors on the systems compete with the maintenance workload resulting in a poorly aligned maintenance demand. The maintenance plan is reviewed mostly in isolation and does not take operational environment into consideration. As a result the operational errors are usually higher than where the plan is developed in a combined system review with focused system improvements.

Our RPSoptimiser focuses on key elements in the operational process to eliminate duplication and waste. As a result of this focus our system helps our customers to reduce operational errors by up to 40% therefore improving operational uptime and allowing the maintenance team to focus on maintenance and system improvements. Applying the “one touch” philosophy our system wraps around the CMMS feeding all maintenance history into the system without any intervention.

RPSoptimiser provides the ability to focus the maintenance on where it is needed most and align these activities with the business drivers. This also helps the maintenance team to understand the impact of their actions on the operation and as a result it improves the overall site performance.



strategic maintenance development system

Strategic Maintenance Development (SMD) System

Develop, edit and update your asset information, maintenance strategy, maintenance schedule, maintenance plans and Life Cycle Cost.



operational maintenance planning system

Operational Maintenance Planning (OMP) System

Manage your daily maintenance planning, deployment of personnel. Track the completion rate of the work instantaneously.



maintenance intelligence review system

Maintenance Intelligence Review (MIR) System

Monitor and trend the impact of maintenance on your equipment with tools to monitor individual assets as well as classes of assets.