MIRsystem (Maintenance Intelligence Review) is a system that simplifies the analysis of data gathered from multiple sources, all of which impact on the operational performance. We harvest data from SCADA systems, local control nodes and feedback from the maintenance activities from the CMMS. All of this information is cleansed, and presented in an easy to read graphical format.

If you are looking to identify any of the following:

  • What is the worst performing equipment in terms of number of errors or time for both operational or maintenance errors?
  • What is the product flow over or through individual pieces of equipment throughout our system and how far is this from the design capacity?
  • What is the ratio of errors on equipment to flow, and how can we identify the worst performing assets in relation to flow?
  • What are the MTBF and MTTR on individual pieces of equipment, similar equipment throughout the system or equipment in specific applications in the system?
  • If the system is running 24/7, when is the most opportune time for maintenance based on throughput or demand?

Then MIRsystem is the right option for you.

When properly implemented our system provides you with all of this information in an easily readable graphical format as well as allowing you to export the data into any other system for further analysis if required. We also provide the facility to define filters on the data, which is then trended whenever a new day’s data is added to the system.

Most importantly we are able to set this up without requiring any downtime or interfering with your systems operation. Our focus is to allow our customers to spend more time analysing data, rather than converting log files or reports from the CMMS into something that can be analysed.