OMPsystem (Operational Maintenance Planning) is developed around the daily management of reactive and planned maintenance processes and is built to manage checklist activities. It receives information from our SMDsystem, the CMMS and SCADA systems and combines this into a simple internet enabled planning tool that allows work to be dropped onto individuals in the engineering team who are on shift at that time.

As the work is dropped on an individual the system checks that they have the required skill to perform the task, and if not the work will not be allocated to them. In addition to this, the system also monitors the total workload on the individual, and displays this next to their name. Where work must be performed by multiple people at the same time, the system will not allow the work to be deployed across different shifts.

The latest version of the software has recently been implemented at a major HUB airport and the video above gives a demonstration of the software capabilities.
One of the key features of the system is that when a checklist is not completed by a person who is on shift and they have saved their current progress, this work can then be transferred to another person without the loss of data. It is a real time system that allows the planner to monitor the progress of an individual as they complete their work, and if they are ahead of their schedule additional work can be loaded on them.

We have created our system based on a “one touch” approach. As soon as the work is loaded into the system all of the necessary statuses in the CMMS are automatically updated and the planned date entered. As soon as the work is assigned to an individual the CMMS is updated accordingly and as soon as the first task is ticked the timer starts and this is tracked and reported to the CMMS. Once the work is completed, the CMMS is updated and a copy of the checklist automatically uploaded for future reference. In addition to this we also transfer this information into our MIRsystem, allowing us to monitor the equipment performance.